Dream a little dream

Where the party is attacked by foliage and has night terrors

While camping, members of the party fall into an enchanted slumber. The rest have horrible prophetic dreams dealing with their lives. They wake to be attacked by plant creatures. Plant creatures are summarily dispatched. The party goes back to sleep.

After traveling back home, Thomas discovers his patron and father-figure, Armand, had died – just like in his dream. He inherited Armand’s possessions and found out that he was from a continent to the south called Ethron.

Originating from a small village outside of the kingdom of Corneria, Armand’s family was entrusted to safeguard one of the infamous Wedges of Unspeakable Evil (TM), but a young a stupid Armand sold it for a considerable amount of money. It enabled him to run off with a hot Italian supermodel princess and flee north to his current home.

This was about 50 years ago, when magic and evil started appearing in the world. What a crazy, random happenstance.



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