Azuria 5

Where the party, against all common sense, takes a necrotic supermagnet into an iron mine

After a full night’s rest, the old crazy drunk dwarf finally awoke from his drunken stupor and asked what was going on. After being filled in on the entire story, he took it in stride with a shrug and the party continued.

After an hour’s travel, the party walked through the cave entrance after the dwarf helpfully identified it as such. The party then had a lively discussion over the relative merits of bringing a giant magnetic Wedge of Evil™ into an iron mine with rotting cross beams held together by iron nails. After several proposed options, including a live tree and a strapping a dozen live bunnies to the box to somehow negate the magical necrotic effect, they just decided to go along with the original plan of walking into the deep, dark, scary cave with an undead-raising box full of evil. What could possibly go wrong?

Expecting undead, the party was actually quite pleasantly surprised to only find oozes and spiders. The highlight of the conflict was the wizardess-librarian, still in denial that she can use magic, summoning lightning beetles on top of her “friend” to harrass the spiders and ooze.

The party won a hard-fought battle and incinerated several generations of baby spiders in their eggs. What about the children!? They then re-killed their little undead spider corpses after the Wedge of Unspeakable Evil™ raised them from the dead. Our four useless minions from the secret society also died and had to be put down as zombies. No wonder they couldn’t keep these things safe.

The party ditched the Box of Unspeakable Evil™ deep within the mine, collapsed the mine upon itself, and celebrated later with beer and interpretive dance.

Current Experience: 3150


Do we need a second defender? We have four strikers and one defender. I can make Thomas a fighter with only a few minor changes.

Azuria 5

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