Azuria 4

Where the party is kicked out of town and left to fend for themselves

William Stonewall and Armos Norvin are members of a secret society formed to hide the Wedges of Unspeakable Evil™ from the forces of darkness. They described how the stones came into being.

Centuries ago, a thousand year war was being fought against undead and evil creatures and magic. Wizards on the side of good discovered a portal in the mountains of this continent. The armies of men and their allies stormed the mountain and found the portal. Several wizards managed to destroy it. When destroyed, it was split up into 8 pieces. Each of the nations had one and hid them.

Some time approximately fifty years ago, magic started returning to the world when someone found two of the pieces and reunited them.

Meanwhile, the party was busy getting booted out of Rocky Point. The residents complained that their dead relatives kept rising from the grave to try and eat their collective faces, so they wanted us to take the Box of Evil Wedges to the Iron Mines. Because no one ever died in a mine.

After traveling for the better part of a day, the party was attacked by the new residents of an entire graveyard. After finishing them off, the party then ate dinner and went to sleep.

Current Experience: 2650


We’re still playing this Friday, right?

Azuria 4

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