Azuria 3

Where the party kills some undead, returns a box +1, and uncovers a secret war

Picking up where they left off, the party went about the business of saving Marshall’s two children from the kidnappers demanding the box. Half the party leapt down the chasm and tried to engage the kidnappers, but ended up fighting hordes of undead summoned by the pizza-wedge shaped Box of Unspeakable Evil™ instead. The Box went from one wedge to two, which seemed to be the kidnapper’s plan before the bailed through a magic portal.

After defeating the undead horde, the party patched up the kids, took the now heavier box, and brought it back to Rocky Point, which seemed to be preparing for war. The guards were actually members of a secret society with the goal of keeping the various Wedges of Doom™ from falling into the “wrong hands”. They have been systematically hunted down and the locations of the pieces seem to be obvious to the bad guys – so they get a big fail on both counts.

The party has now joined the fight.

Current Experience: 2250 (Advanced to level 3)



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