Dream a little dream
Where the party is attacked by foliage and has night terrors

While camping, members of the party fall into an enchanted slumber. The rest have horrible prophetic dreams dealing with their lives. They wake to be attacked by plant creatures. Plant creatures are summarily dispatched. The party goes back to sleep.

After traveling back home, Thomas discovers his patron and father-figure, Armand, had died – just like in his dream. He inherited Armand’s possessions and found out that he was from a continent to the south called Ethron.

Originating from a small village outside of the kingdom of Corneria, Armand’s family was entrusted to safeguard one of the infamous Wedges of Unspeakable Evil (TM), but a young a stupid Armand sold it for a considerable amount of money. It enabled him to run off with a hot Italian supermodel princess and flee north to his current home.

This was about 50 years ago, when magic and evil started appearing in the world. What a crazy, random happenstance.

Azuria 5
Where the party, against all common sense, takes a necrotic supermagnet into an iron mine

After a full night’s rest, the old crazy drunk dwarf finally awoke from his drunken stupor and asked what was going on. After being filled in on the entire story, he took it in stride with a shrug and the party continued.

After an hour’s travel, the party walked through the cave entrance after the dwarf helpfully identified it as such. The party then had a lively discussion over the relative merits of bringing a giant magnetic Wedge of Evil™ into an iron mine with rotting cross beams held together by iron nails. After several proposed options, including a live tree and a strapping a dozen live bunnies to the box to somehow negate the magical necrotic effect, they just decided to go along with the original plan of walking into the deep, dark, scary cave with an undead-raising box full of evil. What could possibly go wrong?

Expecting undead, the party was actually quite pleasantly surprised to only find oozes and spiders. The highlight of the conflict was the wizardess-librarian, still in denial that she can use magic, summoning lightning beetles on top of her “friend” to harrass the spiders and ooze.

The party won a hard-fought battle and incinerated several generations of baby spiders in their eggs. What about the children!? They then re-killed their little undead spider corpses after the Wedge of Unspeakable Evil™ raised them from the dead. Our four useless minions from the secret society also died and had to be put down as zombies. No wonder they couldn’t keep these things safe.

The party ditched the Box of Unspeakable Evil™ deep within the mine, collapsed the mine upon itself, and celebrated later with beer and interpretive dance.

Current Experience: 3150

Azuria 4
Where the party is kicked out of town and left to fend for themselves

William Stonewall and Armos Norvin are members of a secret society formed to hide the Wedges of Unspeakable Evil™ from the forces of darkness. They described how the stones came into being.

Centuries ago, a thousand year war was being fought against undead and evil creatures and magic. Wizards on the side of good discovered a portal in the mountains of this continent. The armies of men and their allies stormed the mountain and found the portal. Several wizards managed to destroy it. When destroyed, it was split up into 8 pieces. Each of the nations had one and hid them.

Some time approximately fifty years ago, magic started returning to the world when someone found two of the pieces and reunited them.

Meanwhile, the party was busy getting booted out of Rocky Point. The residents complained that their dead relatives kept rising from the grave to try and eat their collective faces, so they wanted us to take the Box of Evil Wedges to the Iron Mines. Because no one ever died in a mine.

After traveling for the better part of a day, the party was attacked by the new residents of an entire graveyard. After finishing them off, the party then ate dinner and went to sleep.

Current Experience: 2650

Azuria 3
Where the party kills some undead, returns a box +1, and uncovers a secret war

Picking up where they left off, the party went about the business of saving Marshall’s two children from the kidnappers demanding the box. Half the party leapt down the chasm and tried to engage the kidnappers, but ended up fighting hordes of undead summoned by the pizza-wedge shaped Box of Unspeakable Evil™ instead. The Box went from one wedge to two, which seemed to be the kidnapper’s plan before the bailed through a magic portal.

After defeating the undead horde, the party patched up the kids, took the now heavier box, and brought it back to Rocky Point, which seemed to be preparing for war. The guards were actually members of a secret society with the goal of keeping the various Wedges of Doom™ from falling into the “wrong hands”. They have been systematically hunted down and the locations of the pieces seem to be obvious to the bad guys – so they get a big fail on both counts.

The party has now joined the fight.

Current Experience: 2250 (Advanced to level 3)

Azuria 2
The party moves towards the temple with the box

The party moved north towards the abandoned temple in order to ransom Marshall’s children with the Box of Unspeakable Evil™. On the path, fought a pack of wolves (featuring dire wolf cousins). Cooked a direwolf for dinner.

Arrived at the temple where the cowardly bandits cut off one of the childrens’ hands when we demanded to see them. We lowered the BoUE™ halfway down the pit as they demanded and one child was freed. Combat is about to begin against undead nasties…

Experience: 300

Azuria 1
Campaign start

The party started in the town of Rocky Point during a wedding feast. The children of the Mayor, Marshall Blackrock, were kidnapped and his father-in-law was killed. A ransom note was left with demands – a box was being delivered from across the sea to some soldiers in Rocky Point. Intercept the cargo and bring it north to a temple for further instructions.

After some wining and dining of the soldiers by Thomas, the party intercepted the unloading party and convinced them they were the soldiers. Taking a detour to the north because of a “washed out bridge”, the party killed the (evil and malicious) foreigners and took the box.

Experience: 331 XP


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